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We have net installation professional, they have more than 15 years of experience to install safety nets, who can install safety nets as per our customer requirement.

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Pradeep safety nets are one of the major traders in Hyderabad because we provide high quality safety nets.

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Pigeon droppings on your car parking , balcony and other open places leads time & effort to maintain and also its making health problems.

More than 15 years of Experience
what we do - We’re specialized in providing a high quality service

Welcome to Pradeep Safety Nets

Pradeep safety nets are one of the major traders in Hyderabadbecause we provide high quality safety nets. We have net installation professional, they have more than 15 years of experience to install safety nets, who can install safety nets as per our customer requirement. Pradeep safety nets are providing safety nets with affordable prices. All the safety nets material and safety nets have stock with us.

Pradeep safety nets are providing long durable, reliable, high weighing capacity nets and high quality safety nets for apartments, high rise buildings and malls. If you really want to care your loved please feel free to contact us to get all types of safety nets like pigeon safety nets, duct area safety nets, children safety nets and sports practice nets.

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We are doing Children and duct area Safety Nets services like children safety nets Hyderabad, children safety nets, duct area safety nets children safety nets Hyderabad,duct area safety nets Hyderabad.

We are doing All kind of safety nets like building safety nets Hyderabad, safety nets for building construction, construction safety nets Hyderabad, construction safety net,construction safety net installation, building safety nets Hyderabad, construction safety nets.

We Provide

All Kind Of Safety Nets


Balcony Safety Nets

Our balcony safety nets give beautiful appearance, as we know very well without balconies in the building of apartments, the home does not appear as beauty of luxury. Pradeep safety nets are providing long durable, reliable, high weighing capacity nets and high quality safety nets for apartments, high rise buildings and malls.

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Children Safety Nets

Pradeep safety nets offer children safety nets to protect kids or children from falling down form terraces, staircase and balcony. Children safety nets are mostly required for protecting their child from any injury or damage.

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Birds Protection Nets

Pradeep safety nets are one of the major traders in Hyderabad because we provide high quality safety nets.

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Construction Safety Nets

Construction safety net are most important for small residential building construction site to large residential construction site.

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Duct Area Safety Nets

Duct area safety nets are used to avoid bird’s entry into open spaces. We are experts in Vishakhapatnam and Hyderabad is to install duct area safety nets. If pigeon’s covered your duct area,

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Industrial Safety Nets

The Industrial safety nets are used to protect people, whoever working at the height to work productively. The Industrial safety nets have more capacity of tolerating capable upto 900kgs of weights.

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Staircase Safety Nets

Staircase safety nets are fabricated to protect kids or Childs falling down to the ground by skid or slip. Our staircase safety nets are protecting the people.

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Monkey Safety Nets

Monkeys are always playing in the tree's stem. If the monkeys are moving into your balcony, terraces and open area, it may affect you a lot. Monkeys are one of the irritating animals of all because it stole the food from home.

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Sports Practice Nets

Pradeep Sports practice nets make your arena safe and sports complex area safe for audience and players during game held. Get our sports practice nets for whoever watching sports practice.

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Parking Safety Nets

To prevent your vehicle from any disasters or the damage we require something liable solutions. So don’t ignore to get car parking nets because that result in doing damage to the vehicles that may loss of your outer appearance.

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Coconut Tree Nets

Pradeep safety nets offer coconut safety nets in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Kakinada area. They get more appreciation from these cities because of the high strength, thickness and good finishing.

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Swimming Pool Safety Nets

Swimming pool safety nets are specially manufactured for children’s to prevent from falling into the water. Many of them are not trusted on pool gates, pool alarms, they only trust on swimming pool safety nets.

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Shade Nets

Agro Shade nets is formed with the primary objective of producing shade nets uses for agriculture and commercial purposes. Agro Shade nets all kinds of shade nets with different thickness. Shade nets are used to provide the near natural condition by cutting the excess radiation for the plants to grow. Our Shade nets are made from quality virgin material best UV Stabilisers available in the world to get a longer service life our net against UV Degradation. Our nets are also anti sulphur till 1500 PPM. These nets regulate both quality as well quantity of light and temperature which is essential to control the growth conditions and also manipulates growth pattern crops from excess sun rays and wind.

Green House, Construction Net, Nursery Net, Car Parking Net, Tent House


Support Netting

All climbing plants and vegetables and long-stemmed flowers require support to encourage healthy growth. Plant support netting can be used horizontally or vertically. It is used horizontally by stretching it between uprights etc...
Plant support net can be made of polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon. It features high strength, anti-aging and large net opening, and it is lighter than other support equipment, what's more, it is easy to transport and handle. Widely used for all kinds of climbing plants and vegetables

HDPE Nylon Net,

Garware Nets, Tuff Nets

Nylon Nets in Hyderabad are used extensively as a bird exclusion device to protect both buildings and agricultural crops. Most of the farmers also use Nylon Nets in Hyderabad as bird netting extensively to protect valuable fruit crops from attack by wild birds. These nylon nets are well used in various fishing cultures also. Pradeep Safety Nets have taken up the task in providing the traditional fisherman's net with good quality nylon monofilament nets from the range of 0.16mm onwards are manufactured in a well equipped unit in Hyderabad. This company also produced polyester wire application

Mosquito Net
Why Mosquito Net for Windows and Doors?

The Humans residence is filled with harmful and harmless living organisms The permanent solutions were found for many but some were endless like mosquitoes, insects, etc. Mosquitoes cause viral disease like Zika, Dengue, malaria etc in increasing growth worldwide The solutions to avoid mosquitoes like Coils, creams, liquidators etc contains harmful mixture to human immune system The insect screens for windows and doors will protect us all over the home and living space from mosquitoes, insects, bugs, flies etc. Good quality and eco friendly materials, skilled workmanship, expert installation and easy maintenance combined with professional service makes mosquito net perfectly attractive for home, hospitals, colleges, resorts, food processing units, factories, offices, etc.

Pradeep Safety Nets

It is better to leave the installation to a professional?

Yes, if the walls you are attaching the anchor strips to are not in good condition or if the frame needs to be installed, it is maybe wise to & Risk involved in standing with Rope on the outer side of your building to fix this leads unwanted incidents due to lack of practice & expertise. Do the installation by safety net Professional Expert is ideal solution.

Anti Bird & Pigeon Safety Nets

Health Hazards of Pigeons

Both humans and animals can be affected. The disease is transmitted to humans by airborne fungus spores from soil contaminated by pigeon and starling droppings (as well as from the droppings of other birds and bats). ... On occasion, the disease can cause high fever, blood abnormalities, pneumonia and even death.

Pigeons make the very air you breathe highly toxic with bacteria and spores. Doctors say that pigeon droppings, loose feathers and the dust they shake when fluttering their wings is the cause of an alarming spread of Asthma and upper respiratory illnesses.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum spacing between net attachments?

    The maximum centres for attachment of a fall arrest safety net is 2.5m when rope ties are used. It must be noted that other proprietary attachment devices may require closer attachment points and the manufacturer's recommendations must always be followed.

  • Is Pigeon Dirting Your Balcony?

    Being a quality-oriented organization, we make use of the finest quality raw material that is procured from the vendors of high repute after doing a diligent study based on several quality parameters adhering to best quality and standards.

  • We are providing safety to people.

    Due to the excellent quality, which is at par with that of internationally available products, it will serve buyers for a long time.

  • Can you install safety nets to handrails?

    It must never be attached to handrails unless they have been designed to take a minimum 6kN load at 45 degrees to the vertical./p>

  • How high can a person fall into a safety net?

    States that the maximum permissible fall height into a safety net is 6m from the work position, which means that the maximum nominal fall height from the centre of gravity of a person is 7m. It should be noted that for safety nets less than 35m2 in total area, or a side length less than 5m, the maximum height an operative is allowed to work above a net is 2m as there is an insufficient fabric area to absorb the energy falls from a greater height./p>

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