Coconut Tree Nets

Pradeep safety nets offer coconut safety nets in Hyderabad area. They get more appreciation from these cities because of the high strength, thickness and good finishing. The Coconut tree safety net safeguards the vehicles and peoples from the coconuts and other falling down objects toward the ground. We may see regularly coconut are frequently falling down from the trees, sometimes it makes dangerous accidents to the peoples or vehicles. To avoid this situation you need to install coconut safety net near your apartments, homes, office locality.

The system comprises of anchor strips & durable nylon material, anchoring system and high quality materials that make it possible for thin net to have higher radial resistance. Our safety nets are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications where you need protection for your loved ones.

Pradeep safety nets are providing long durable, reliable, high weighing capacity nets and high quality safety nets for apartments, high rise buildings and malls. If you really want to care your loved please feel free to contact us to get balcony safety nets and all types of safety nets like pigeon safety nets, duct area safety nets, children safety nets and sports practice nets.